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New Year Retreat
In Chapada dos Veadeiros

From 12/29 to 01/01/2023.

In Chapada dos Veadeiros,

Alto Paraíso/GO.

About the Retreat

Do you wish a New Year filled with Peace, Success and Prosperity?



City: Chapada dos Veadeiros - Alto Paraíso/GO

From 12/29/2022 to 01/01/2023

A new cycle is approaching in your life and to attract good energies that will bring Peace, Success and Prosperity, it is essential to set aside a few days for cleaning practices, exercises, self-knowledge and purification of the physical and mental body.

And how to do it?


You must seek practices to cleanse the physical, emotional and mental planes;

You also need to eliminate the records of difficulties and weak emotions you had in the previous year to be renewed and challenge yourself in new opportunities for growth in this new phase;

It is essential to understand why you didnt achieve all the goals of the previous year, what your real difficulties are and what you should change to co-create what you wanted in this new year.



You have to be strengthened in body and soul to receive all the blessings that the great creator wants to send you!


We will help you to heal, have good relationships, prosperity and more connection with the great creator.

Lets plan the year ahead with true intentions to accomplish everything you desire.

It is clear!

Together, lets give thanks for all the difficulties we face and recognize that everything is perfect and right in the universe.


At the New Year Eve Retreat, we will practice several activities that will help you throughout the next year so that you reach all your goals.

We will have the following activities:

🇧🇷Diagnosis of physical, emotional and mental health;

✅ Yoga;

✅ Meditation;

✅ Quantum Healing;

✅ Group Quantum Healing of your ancestors and future generation;

✅Pisco-energetic defense and protection practice;

✅ Tours to the waterfalls;

✅ Knowledge and Practices for Achieving the Goals and Goals for the Next Year: What are the difficulties for the realization and what you must change to achieve everything you want;

✅Great New Year Celebration of the New Consciousness with Supper and several unmissable shows;

✅ Massages;

✅ Medicinal clay bath that springs from the soil of the Temple of the Divine Spark;

✅ Mantra show and music therapy every night;

And much more !!

Michelle Ot Ene


Founder of the Temple of the Divine Spark, Affective Spiritual Coach that aims to understand and balance feminine and masculine energies, individually and in marital relationships.

Specialist in developing personalized programs for an integral and healthy lifestyle. 

Guide for Feminine Traditions, helping women to achieve success, flexibility, balance and rejuvenation.

He acquired his professional training and spiritual knowledge in several schools in sacred places such as: India, Egypt, Machu Picchu, Greece, Siberia, Kazakhstan and others.

What people are saying about our events

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Depoimento de uma participante do nosso retiro no Templo da Centelha Divina
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The Divine Spark Temple takes you to Alto Paraíso/GO.

A place with ecological architecture, rivers, mountains and agroforestry. In front of the environmental preservation area, with waterfalls and wild animals and rare vegetation.

The cabins are eco-friendly built from Adobe, comfortable and have a private bathroom. We have a hall to accommodate 300 people and there is a very nice place for food.

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Michelle Ot Ene

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